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Created by the team behind The Patron Saint of Suicides, YOUNG’S INFINITE CITY is a full-cast science fiction audio drama set in the near-apocalypse. The show is created by Alex Dolan, produced by Alex Dolan and Audiohm Media, and presented by Realm


Alex Dolan | Creator, writer & producer

Vince Dajani | Writer & producer

Chris Harris-Beechey | Line layout, sound design & QA

Brad Colbrook | Mixing & mastering

Gavin Bentley | Charles Davis / Dalton Fischer-Young

Maria Gbeleyi | Grace Adamu

Emma Sherr-Ziarko | Rosalind Young

Bill Roberts | Leviathan

Winn Manning | Maxwell Vanderhayden

Additional performances by Juliette Angeli, Zigmas Dobiliauskas, Kristen Udowitz, Andrea Richardson, Nero Scott, Jez Sands, Ray Hurd, Byron Kerr, Georgia McKenzie, Mark Alan, Chris Harris-Beechey, Akshdeep Singh, Paul Greene-Dennis, and Jason Webb.


Rosalind Young is the most influential person on the planet. And she’s just gone missing.


In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, warships from seven countries surround a giant white mass floating in the water. To us, it might look like a marshmallow the size of a small island. A few decades from now, people will recognize it as M3, the most valuable substance on the planet, a sponge that provides drinking water for hundreds of millions of people a year. People kill for it. Countries might go to war for it.


As the inventor of M3, Dr. Rosalind Young is the wealthiest person alive and the founder of Natural Law, the world’s largest corporation. She might be the one person who can diffuse the standoff, but no one can find her, including her wife and business partner, Grace Adamu.


To prevent a panic, Grace has kept Rosalind’s disappearance private. Because Grace also knows something she keeps to herself – Rosalind Young is mentally unstable.


With her success, Rosalind Young has gone from eccentric to paranoid, even delusional. Rosalind believes she might have killed as many people as she’s saved. Her invention boosted the global water supply but also unleashed untold havoc and violence, and she believes she’s haunted by her victims. Some nights, she runs through her home and shoots at ghosts in the shadows. She’s spent billions on a passion project called the Infinite City, a walled city in rural Maine where construction never ends. Almost no one knows what’s in there, not even Grace. But if Rosalind Young hasn’t been killed or kidnapped, Grace is fairly certain where she’ll be.


So when Rosalind Young disappears, Grace needs to search for her discretely, and seeks the help of the only other person who knows her wife as well as she does – Rosalind’s estranged son, Charles Davis. To stop a war, they will search for her in the City that might finally be forced to reveal its secrets.


Rosalind Young – The most influential person on the planet, the CEO of Natural Law and the inventor of M3, the most valuable substance in the world.


Charles Davis – Born Dalton Fischer-Young, a psychiatrist in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the estranged son of Rosalind Young.


Grace Adamu – The second most influential person on the planet, the COO of Natural Law and wife of Rosalind Young.




The Infinite City – Rosalind Young’s passion project, a walled city in rural Maine, six miles wide, where construction hasn’t stopped in decades.


Natural Law – The world’s largest corporation, founded by Rosalind Young and managed by Grace Adamu, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company’s primary mission is to manage the production and distribution of M3.


M3 – Short for Megasorbent 3, a chemical compound invented by Rosalind Young that can absorb massive amounts of liquid. It is mounted on the back of a “water barge,” a ship roughly six times the size of today’s aircraft carrier, and piloted out into storms in the middle of the ocean to collect rain water. Providing drinking water for hundreds of millions of people a year, M3 is considered the most valuable substance on Earth.



Alex Dolan is a writer, podcaster and musician. He is the creator of the audio dramas Young’s Infinite City and The Patron Saint of Suicides, produced in partnership with Audiohm Media and distributed by Realm Media. He is also the author of The Euthanist and The Empress of Tempera (Diversion Books). His short fiction is featured in the anthology The Swamp Killers (Down & Out Books), and he is represented by the BJ Robbins Literary Agency.


Alex was the host of the show “Thrill Seekers,” part of the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network, which reaches more than 3.5 million listeners. He has been featured in The New Yorker, Contra Costa Times, San Jose Mercury News and Publishers Weekly. He has also been an editor and contributor to SOMA, The San Francisco Chronicle, Travel Savvy, and Administration and Policy in Mental Health. Alex was an executive committee member of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Litquake festival, and is a member of International Thriller Writers and Sisters in Crime. Visit




Audiohm media is an independent podcast production company with a focus on storytelling.  In addition to Young’s Infinite City, Audiohm has produced The Patron Saint of Suicides as well as their flagship series, How i Died, and its interactive series, 5 Week Countdown, all of which are distributed on Realm Media. Visit   

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