Award-winning author DP Lyle on the latest trends in forensics



A long time ago, I worked for what is now Kimberley Cameron & Associates, when the first edition of DP Lyle's Forensics for Dummies was published, as well as his first nonfiction book on forensics for writers, entitled Murder and Mayhem.

Since then, Doug has amassed an impressive body of fiction and nonfiction work. In addition, he is a co-founder of the International Thriller Writers organization, the creator of Craftfest (part of the annual Thrillerfest conference in NYC), and the host of Crime & Science Radio.

This week, we talked about the new edition of Forensics for Dummies being released this year, and how it updated the section on DNA to include new information on touch, mitochondrial, and familial DNA. He answered all of my oddball questions, including humoring me on whether the movie The Human Centipede was actually medically accurate.

We also talk about his vast body of fictional work, including the forthcoming Deep Six. I highly recommend this for crime writers who want some insights into writing accurately about investigations.

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