Mike Carey, bestselling author of The Girl With All the Gifts, comes to Thrill Seekers


This week I'm having a bit of a fanboy moment.

When I was doing my own reading at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, I saw the novel "The Girl With All the Gifts" featured out, and it became my favorite book that year. It is an original take on the zombie genre that truly stunned me, for the reason that it was as touching as it was terrifying.

I anxiously waited for the follow-up, Fellside, which was just as good, and much different—a ghost story set inside a women's correctional facility. Book consumers—gobble these up if you haven't already.

Simple, simple, Alex...I thought I was discovering a new writer. In fact, M.R. Carey (also Mike Carey) is an astoundingly prolific and accomplished talent.

In addition to being the bestselling author of The Girl With All The Gifts (the film version of which comes out in theaters this month) and Fellside, he's also a legend in the comic industry, as the creator of the Lucifer (the spinoff of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series) and Hellblazer (which became the film Constantine) series.

I caught up with Mike this week, where we talked about the meaning and value of storytelling, the importance of structure in helping to fuel, and the fact that he got to have a zombie cameo in his own movie.

Once you've read the book (no cheating), see the film version of The Girl with All the Gifts this month. Here's the trailer:

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