Bestseller Deborah Coonts on how to grab life by the cojones



This week, I was lucky to talk to Deborah Coonts, a bestseller, world traveler, licensed pilot, and former Las Vegas resident. Do you have the guts to live in Las Vegas? I didn't think so.

The bestselling author of the Lucky O'Toole series and the forthcoming Deep Water, she has written a vast body of work. In her psychological thriller After Me, her central character, a former detective afflicted with early onset Alzheimer's, is trying to piece together why a body has turned up in her bathtub.

In the interview, we talk about her research into Alzheimer's, sense memories, and how as en extrovert she uses her writing career to enrich her experiences. We should all be this adventurous.


The Institute for Ethnomedicine

60 Minutes: The Alzheimer's Laboratory

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