Author Nina Sadowsky is here to help Kickstart Your New Year's Resolutions



For your New Year's resolutions, did you promise to be more politically active?

Meet screenwriter, entertainment lawyer and producer, and now thriller author Nina Sadowsky. In addition to creating a buzz with her debut novel, JUST FALL (which is currently being developed as a series by Starz), she has been taking an active role how to create progressive change.

She is a former entertainment lawyer and screenwriter, and we talk about everything including the film industry, the book industry, and what practical things you can do to help fight orange men.

Two free tips from Nina:

VoteSpotter: This free app lets you know when your rep in Congress votes, so you know when to call.

Action Network Groups: Find a local network of like-minded people who care about the issues you care about.

Other things we discussed during our chat:

Jumpin' at the Boneyard: This is Nina's first credit as a film producer. What she didn't mention is that this little "indie" stars the likes of Tim Roth, Samuel L . Jackson and the recently departed Alexis Arquette.

The Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes (perfect if you're looking to kickstart your 2017)

The Atlantic, "Women Are Writing the Best Crime Novels": The article we mention in our interview talks about many things, including the importance of pacing. ​

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