Tammy Cohen Gives Us The Ultimate Anti-Christmas Book



It's the Christmas show on Thrill Seekers! Whatever your holiday, I hope you have fun celebrating, and end giving this year the old heave-ho.

To celebrate on Thrill Seekers, I welcomed author Tammy Cohen, who wrote possibly the ultimate anit-Christmas thriller, Dying for Christmas, about a young woman who is abducted and then forced to open one gruesome present for twelve days. It just proves that you should really get a gift list for the holidays—you can never count on people getting you what you want.​

Tammy (who also writes under the name Tamar Cohen), has also released The Fallout, about two couples and the rippling, insidious effects of divorce. I highly recommend both.

Among the things we mention in the show:

We also talk about sexual fetishes and Tammy's poorly behaved dog. One of those things is shown below.

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