Belinda Bauer on Psychics and Animal Psychology



It was a treat talking to Belinda Bauer this week on Thrill Seekers.

Belinda is an award-winning author of several novels, including Rubbernecker, The Shut Eye, and her latest, The Beautiful Dead. She grew up in South Africa and currently lives in the UK, where she was a journalist, and brings that experience into her latest book. In this interview, we have a great conversation about psychics, animal psychology, what's happening in the media, and how she was able to charge her sisters admission to play with her as a child.

This is an excerpt from our conversation:

ME: I love that your bedroom had a cover charge.

BELINDA: It was an exciting place to be, Alex.

Shockingly, there was nothing inappropriate about these remarks.

The interview marks the first time that Isa (my dog) made into the studio. While she resisted the urge to bark throughout the interview, you can hear a little jingle in the background whenever she decides to come over to the mic to investigate. She offered no insightful commentary.

In the interview, one of the things we talk about are psychics, and the difference between an "open eye" and a "shut eye." We also mentioned the following:

The Spider and the Fly, Claudia Rowe

Next of Kin, Roger Fouts

Noam Chomsky's work and theories on the gestural origins of language

Al Jazeera

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