The triumphant return of Laura McHugh


SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN LATER Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully, you'll get this before you start on your holiday commute. If you have a long holiday commute, might I suggest listening to this interview to keep you company, or to keep you from ruminating about how to not discuss politics with your family?

This week, I have the mighty Laura McHugh back on the show to talk about her second book, Arrowood.

The book focuses on Arden Arrowood, who comes back to her home town of Keokuk, Iowa, to look into the disappearance of her two twin sisters that occurred when she was a child.

In the interview, we talk about the state of Keokuk, which was an up-and-coming town that has fallen into disrepair. I've posted some photos below to give you a better sense of what the town looks like today.

In addition, we talk about a few cases, including the Lyon sisters abduction, as well as the disappearance of paperboys in Iowa.

The book I reference is called The Spider and The Fly, by Catherine Rowe. And the author I mention at the end is Jill Orr, who is about to release her first book, The Good Byline.

Here are some images of Keoku, IA, to give you the scene behind Arrowood:

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