Bestseller Alex Marwood on narcissism, groupthink, and the power or persuasion



This week on Thrill Seekers I talk to Alex Marwood, a figment of the imagination of the novelist and sometime journalist Serena Mackesy.

For our purposes on Thrill Seekers, she is the bestselling author of The Wicked Girls, The Killer Next Door, and the recently released The Darkest Secret. In an unprecedented Alex-on-Alex conversation, we talk about her experience in journalism, and how the psychological phenomena of groupthink and the rise of narcissism play into her latest thriller.

In addition to her experience as a journalist and columnist for The Independent, she talks about some of her experiences doing research, such as the time she trained as a hypnotist with Paul McKenna, and learned how easy it is to influence people with the power of suggestion. The combination of this suggestion with narcissists and the flaws in collective groupthink lead to some of the main themes in The Dark Secret, which uncovers the secrets behind the disappearance of a three year-old girl, Coco Jackson.

On a related note, Alex also recommended the book Future Babble, which delves into some of these themes as they relate to the influence (and accuracy) of pundits in the media.

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