Tom Pitts on Male Prostitutes and Blackmail



This week I interview acclaimed author Tom Pitts on the re-release of his novel HUSTLE. He's also a fellow San Franciscan, who came here from Canada in the 80s to join the music scene that spouted bands like Dead Kennedys and Faith No More.

HUSTLE is a fantastic book, and given its gritty subject matter, I was surprised how immediately drawn into the story I was. Part of it might have been the honesty Tom draws on from his own experience with drugs and petty crime, but most of it is just the fact that Tom's a great writer, and this crime novel is a really fun ride. I hope you guys pick it up.

Tom is also an acquisitions editor at Gutter Books, an editor of the Flash Fiction Offensive, and host of Skid Row Chatter at Authors on the Air network.

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