Acclaimed author Joshua Gaylord on werewolves and the fear of puberty



I was completely enchanted by the book When We Were Animals, a coming-of-age novel that reinvents what it means to be driven feral by the moon. While not a werewolf story, it plays with the idea that the children of a small town, as they reach puberty, tend to "breach" during the full moon. It uses elements of fantasy and horror to delve into the very real and very human experience of growing through adolescence.

In addition to talking about his new book, Josh revealed that he's a descendent of the Mayflower settlers, and grew up in Anaheim California, watching it go from horses and tumbleweeds to the sprawling suburb it is today.

​​In the interview we cover everything from his experiences as a child and how those play into the creation of When We Were Animals, and where he drew his inspiration in horror to bring these elements into his stories.

We also talk about how he had this portrait painted of himself (see left).

Go out and read When We Were Animals!

More on Josh:

​​Joshua Gaylord (who also writes under the pen name Alden Bell) is the author of When We Were Animals, and Hummingbirds. He came to New York after growing up in Anaheim, CA, the home of Disneyland, and he received his Master’s and Ph.D. in English at New York University. In general, he tends to like people--particularly the ones who like him, though that's not a prerequisite. Alden Bell has the same history but is more serious in all the ways you'd like him to be. He engages in bar fights that end amicably and spends a lot of time at the dog track.

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