Acclaimed author Carla Buckley on family secrets and sunlight allergies

This week on Thrill Seekers, I was excited to interview Carla Buckley on her new novel, The Good Goodbye. From her home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, she taunted me with news that it was 75 and sunny in her back yard. Little did she know that as a Californian, I don't envy the sunshine anymore. Bring the rain. Bring it.

Listen now.

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Carla Buckley is the author of several acclained novels, including The Good Goodbye, The Deepest Secret, Invisible and The Things That Keep Us Here. Born in Washington, D.C., she has worked as an assistant press secretary for a U.S. senator and an analyst with the Smithsonian Institution. She was nominated for a Thriller Award for a Best First novel and the Ohioana Book Award for fiction. On Thrill Seekers, she discusses The Good Goodbye, family secrets and sunlight allergies.

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