Acclaimed debut author Christopher J. Yates on secret societies and games of humiliation

This week on Thrill Seekers, I was excited to interview Christopher J. Yates from his rainy apartment in New York. While finishing his second book, he talked to me about his debut novel, Black Chaulk.

Listen now.

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Christopher J. Yates wrote an internationally acclaimed debut novel titled Black Chaulk, which tells the story of six university students who create the ultimate game of psychological torture. Only five survive the game, and none of them emerge unscarred. The book has been nominated for CWA's John Creasey Award, and been named a "Best Book of the Year" by NPR and a "Must Read" by The Boston Globe. Chris has worked as a puzzle designer, and tapped into his own expeiences at Oxford University in crafting the novel.

I've never met a puzzle designer, and I could have talked for hours alone on how you put together sudoku puzzles. But we covered everything from UK Prime Minister David Cameron's alleged sex with a dead pig to why New York City makes the perfect place to be a hermit. And he teases out the premise of book 2. I can't wait.

Seriously—how great is this cover? And the story inside is even better.

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