Award-winning author Jennifer Kincheloe on America's 1st female police officer

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Jennifer Kincheloe is an award-winning author who recently released her debut novel, The Secret Life of Anna Blanc. The historical literary thriller is inspired by the story of the Alice Stebbins Wells, the first woman police officer in the country, and takes us back to 1907 Los Angeles. On Thrill Seekers, she talks about the pioneers of female police work, as well as prostitution and corruption in early Los Angeles. Oh right—she's also represented by J.K. Rowling's agent.

During the intertview Jennifer mentioned that she also kept a gallery of images from Los Angeles from around the time of the novel (1907, to be precise) on instagram, so readers could get a feel for what the city was like at that time.

View her instagram feed, and see images of early Los Angeles

To get a taste of the gallery, see the images below. The car on the upper left is remniscent of Anna Blanc's car. The image on the upper right shows what a yak fur what (featured in the opening scene) looks like. The image on the lower right shows what scandal a simple touch on a train could stir up.

The Secret Life of Anna Blanc is inspired by Alice Stebbis Wells, the first female police officer in America. Here's an image:

Jennifer found a closer approximation to the actual character of Anna Blanc with activist Fanny Bixby:

And here's the cover of the book. Buy it!

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