Bestseller Christina Henry on Alice in Wonderland and 80s Pop Hits

This week week on Thrill Seekers, I interview Christina Henry on her latest work.

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Christina Henry is a bestslelling author of the Black Wings series, as well as the two Chronicles of Alice books, Alice (2015) and Red Queen (2016). In Alice, Henry uses the world of Alice in Wonderland as a foundation to develop a dark psychological thriller about human trafficking and survival. On Thrill Seekers, she talks about her work, how The Tubes song "She's a Beauty" can be literary inspiration, and what to listen to while running for distance in the Chicago winter.

The "She's a Beauty" video from The Tubes, the subtext of which is a lot more disturbing than I remembered.

The two titles of the Chronicles of Alice series. Alice came out in 2015, and Red Queen is due out in July 2016 (you can order a copy now).

Christina Henry is also a distance runner. Since she's afraid the treadmill might rocket her into a wall, she braves the outdoors, which in Chicago means running in sub-zero temperatures. If my ears wouldn't be so cold, I could doff my hat.

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