Thriller master Jennifer McMahon on spooky things in Vermont, including Ben & Jerry's "

This week on THRILL SEEKERS, I talk to Jennifer McMahon about ghost stories and things that creep us out, including the Ben & Jerry's "flavor graveyard" in Vermont.

Jennifer McMahon is the author of seven wonderful novels, including the breakout ghost story/psychological thriller PROMISE NOT TO TELL, and the most recent THE WINTER PEOPLE and THE NIGHT SISTER, both released in 2015. As a child, she was convinced a ghost named Virgil lived in her attic, and since has crafted spooky, sophisticated, and compelling novels that blend the supernatural with real psychological tension.

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Outside of the Ben & Jerry's headquarters, and a stone's throw from Jennifer's home, the company has a "flavor graveyard" of ice cream varieties that didn't make it. Do these ghosts cause brain freeze? You have to visit to find out.

Her latest book, THE NIGHT SISTER, offers a fresh take on haunted hotels, and is partly inspired by a story behind Alfred Hitchcock's "The Trouble with Harry," which was shot in Vermont.

THE WINTER PEOPLE, also published in 2015, is a classic ghost story in a small Vermont town.

Jennifer McMahon's first novel, PROMISE NOT TO TELL, blends a psychological thriller with a ghost story. The book covers the legend of the "Potato Girl," a girl that died decades ago and allegedly haunts a small town in Vermont.

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