Award-winning author Laura McHugh talks about things that can kill you in the Ozarks on THRILL SEEKE

This week I had the pleasure of talking to award-winning debut author Laura McHugh about good and bad query letters and the best hiding place in America for criminals. Travel tip: if you're heading to the Ozarks, be careful of the scorpions and the brown recluse spiders.

Laura McHugh is the author of The Weight of Blood and Arrowood (coming in 2016). Her debut novel has won the International Thriller Writers Thriller Award for Best First Novel, Silver Falchion Award for Best First Novel: Literary Suspense, and GoodReads Choice Awards Nominee for Best Mystery and Best Debut, among others. New York Times bestselling author Amy Greene said, “Once I picked up Laura McHugh’s The Weight of Blood, I couldn’t put it down. I kept turning pages long into the night, bewitched by the enchanting Ozark landscape and the haunting murder mystery at its heart. The Weight of Blood is the kind of novel that leaves the reader breathless and wanting more.”

And with this, Happy Holidays, everyone!

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Highlights from the show:

Laura McHugh, award-winning author of The Weight of Blood and the forthcoming Arrowood.

McHugh is a native of the Ozarks. Gorgeous, aren't they? They are also home to criminals from the U.S. and around the world who want to hide from the law. In addition to the many wonderful people who live here, you can also be treated to clothing-optional communes and militias.

This book blew me away. It's winning lots of awards, and deservedly so. I can't wait for Arrowood, out next summer!

The brown recluse spider. In addition to venemous snakes and scorpions, this is one of the many non-human things that can kill you in the Ozarks.

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