Author Louis Bayard Talks Teddy Roosevelt, Kermit and Downton Abbey on THRILL SEEKERS

Louis Bayard is the author of seven novels, including Roosevelt's Beast, The School of Night, The Pale Blue Eye and Mr. Timothy. A New York Times Notable author, he has been nominated for both the Edgar® and Dagger awards and has been named one of People magazine's top authors of the year. Joyce Carol Oates has noted, "Louis Bayard is a writer of remarkable gifts: for language, for imagination, for that mysterious admixture of audacity and craftsmanship that signals a major talent in the making." He is also the author of the popular Downton Abbey recaps for the New York Times.

I've been following Lou's writing for years, and was really excited to have a long conversation with him about his work. Listen now:

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Here are some highlights from the show:

Here's a shot of Louis Bayard, I believe at his home in Washington, DC. Nice digs, Mr. Bayard.

The latest novel by Lou covers the journey that almost killed Teddy Roosevelt. And adds in monsters. It's fanatstic.

Yes, we focus more on Kermit Roosevelt, the son of Teddy Roosevelt, but it doesn't stop us from talking Muppets for a few minutes.

In case you missed it above, Lou also writes the popular recaps of Downton Abbey episodes for the New York Times. We dish about the series toward the end of the episode.

This is the first Louis Bayard book I read, about an adult, degenderate Timothy Cratchett. This also helped Lou develop his niche as an author of historical thrillers.

As a DC local, Lou talked about this bobblehead race that happens during every Washginton Nationals game. Apparently, Teddy comes in last almost every time, even losing to Taft.

By comparison, we have no presidents in the Bay Area to race for us. Instead, the Oakland Athletics races bobblehead versions of its star players. The one in the middle is Rollie Fingers. Sad by comparison, isn't it?

Lucky Strikes will be his first young adult novel, coming out summer 2016.

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