The Euthanist Audiobook is Available

I'm excited to report that the audiobook version of The Euthanist is now available through Audibe. Thanks to actor Mhari Sanvodal for doing an exceptional job with the text.

This was a fascinating process for me. Mhari started with a deep reading of the book, and we spent a few days reviewing questions that came up for her. Part of her process was trying to better understand the characters in the novel, and with each question, she made me think more deeply about these people and the world within the book.

The result is a nuanced performance from Mhari, and what I hope is a rich experience to a listener.

Writing can be a fairly solitary craft, so I welcome any opportunity to work with others. My editor at Diversion Books, Randall Klein, has been an incredible collaborator. This experience gave me the opportunity to experience a different kind of collaboration, and the result was that I got to know my own characters better.

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