New Show: "Thrill Seekers"

As part of the Authors on the Air Network, I will be the host of a new radio/podcast series called "Thrill Seekers," which will showcase new and established talent across all aspects of the thriller genre. Here's the blurb, so you'll know what to expect:

Thrill Seekers Radio scours the globe for the rarest and most exotic specimens of thriller authors. Some are popular varieties, while some authors are rarely spotted. I douse myself in the pheromones of these writers and wait for hours, sometimes days in the wild to catch these spectacular creatures and bring them to you.

The Authors on the Air Network has a number of shows, and a worldwide audience of about 2.5 million listeners.

My show will start today, October 20, with a fantastic writer Ben Tripp. Ben just released Fifth House of the Heart, which is one of my favorite books of the year. I don't read vampire books (although I have nothing against them), in part because it's so difficult to bring something genuinely new to the genre. Ben has reinvented the genre with this book, and given us a compelling albeit unlikely protagonist. The book is funny in parts and horrifying in others. I loved it, and can't wait to talk to him.

To listen to Thrill Seekers, visit iTunes and subscribe to the podcast Authors on the Air 2.

To find out about the episodes, like the Facebook page, and I'll post when new episodes will air.

I'm hoping I'll make the show light, fun and interesting for both writers and readers. Please tune in!

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