Author Louis Bayard on The Euthanist


"Alex Dolan's THE EUTHANIST grabbed me from the first page and showed no signs of letting go. Dark and sinewy, topical and timeless, laced with rich characterization and gallows humor, it showcases Dolan as a thriller writer to watch and follow."

—Louis Bayard, author of Roosevelt's Beast, Mr. Timothy, The Pale Blue Eye, The School of Night, and more

I first started reading Louis Bayard when someone at The Strand (NYC) recommended Mr. Timothy, a book about what might happen if Tim Crachit grew up to be a degenerate in Victorian London. Since then, I've just made it a habit to read all his titles as they come out. The premises of his novels are always fresh, and he's one of the few writers that can still surprise me. The end of The Pale Blue Eye (featuring a young Edgar Allen Poe as a cadet at West Point)? I didn't see it coming. And I almost never get to say that. I'm honored to have a quote from Lou for my book, and invite you to check out his impressive body of work.

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