Author Scott O'Connor on The Euthanist


"Fast, fierce, complex and compassionate, [Alex Dolan's] The Euthanist is an extraordinary performance from a writer full of both fire and heart."

—Scott O'Connor, author of Half World and Untouchable

I'm deeply grateful that Scott O'Connor read through The Euthanist and offered a quote for the book!

Half World was one of my favorite books from last year. It's a fictionalized account of a real CIA program that involved dosing unwitting civilians with LSD to try and improve interrogation techniques. The premise of the book compelled me, but I was drawn in by the strength of his voice, and his ability to build bed-wetting tension. I'm honored that he would give me a quote for The Euthanist, and invite you to take a look at his books, if you haven't already.

Check out Scott O'Connor's work here.

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