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The folks at Diversion Books have completely hooked me up. They were able to secure Caroline Teagle as the designer for my cover. She's done an impressive collection of covers for Random House, and Randall Klein at Diversion was able to convince her to design the cover for The Euthanist.

I absolutely adore Caroline’s design for the cover. First off, it gives me the heebiest of jeebies, which is the tone it’s supposed to convey.

As the son of two painters, I was especially drawn in by the drips below the letters. Despite that everyone I know immediately associates the drips with blood, they make me think of dripping paint. And when I think of dripping paint, I’m reminded of painters who deliberately let their paint drip across the canvas to convey the impermanence of the art. In a book that’s about what death means to different people, that’s a good a theme as any for the cover. Life is temporary, and often messy. Caroline’s design evokes a sense of both.

Finally, the sepia tones she uses, as well as the darkened corners, gives the design a vintage feel, and reminds me of old books that make me want to curl up and read for hours. Sure, this is a thriller, both entertaining and unsettling at times, but I hope the reader wants to cozy up with this book, along with a flashlight and the snack of their choice. If anyone’s looking for a recommendation, Trader Joe’s makes a pumpkin-filled pop tart, which is surprisingly satisfying after 10:00pm.

The Euthanist cover_web.jpg

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